Welcome to East Crete and Agios Nikolaos! Your cycling base!

Explore the unique Cretan landscape and the beautiful Lasithi countryside. Start your ride by the seaside, and continue all the way up to mountain Dikti (2,148m altitude, with roads extending up to 1,200m). Admire the beautiful seashores facing the Aegean Sea in the north and the Libyan Sea in the south. Enjoy the stunning variety of Cretan inland: olive tree and vineyard covered hills, combined with rocky mountains. Ride in roads surrounded by pines, cypresses, carob and lentisk trees among others. Discover the local wildflower and herb diversity, including sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and Cretan dittany. Find hidden fertile plains, and highland plateaus. Gaze at the view of spectacular gorges, such as the Ha gorge. Visit the birthplace of Zeus, the King of Gods: the famous Dikteon Andron, or Psychro Cave at the Lasithi Plateau. Feel echoes from the long Cretan history: plan a visit to the Minoan palaces of Lato, and Gournia, or the post-Minoan archaeological site of Dreros, or visit the Venetian Spinalonga island. Try unforgettable local dishes…

Live a wonderful experience and visit us again!

Our Cycling Services


WILIER TRIESTINA Montegrappa with SHIMANO Tiagra 10s

Available with flat pedals (or bring your own)

Available Sizes: S – M – L

Rental Price: 15 EUR per day …or bring your own bike


 If your bike needs a hand, we will gladly provide it!

Trip Planning

Choose a ride from our favorites. Get our road maps! We provide you with detailed route maps including altitude profile, directions, and suggestions as to where to stop for refuel, or which are the places of interest along the way.


Keep it clean. A washing machine for your clothes is available in the hotel.

Our Favorite Rides

Elounda Bay – Mirabello


Follow the coastal road, then ride uphill on sometimes steep, but short ramps. Stop at the top of the hill on your way to Elounda, to enjoy the spectacular view of the bay with the islands, enclosed by the mountains. Descent carefully to Elounda and ride by the seaside to Plaka facing Spinalonga island and the castle. A low-traffic uphill road on the north side of the gulf takes you to the unique area of Pano Mirabello, a wild, hilly landscape, scattered with stonebuilt villages, old stone fences and paths, sheep and olive trees, overlooking the Aegean Sea. Reach the shepherds village of Kourounes, or pass by the Areti Monastery, then follow the downhill road to Neapoli and Mirabello valley, and return to Agios Nikolaos by the low-traffic old road.

Distance: 67 km | Elevation: 1395 m

Minoan Settlements - Ha Gorge

Minoan Settlements - Ha Gorge

This easy ride is characterized by numerous mild ascents and descents along a beautiful coastline. Take the low-traffic coastal road to Kalo Horio village, continue further to the Minoan settlements of Gournia, and have a coffee by the sea-side village of Pahia Ammos. Visit the traditional village Vassiliki (also a minoan settlement), admire the striking view of Ha gorge from the olive tree covered valley, go further to Kavoussi village and Tholos beach and return to Pahia Ammos and back to Agios Nikolaos.

Distance: 47 km | Elevation: 615 m

Lasithi Plateau Tour


Take the low-traffic old road towards Lasithi Plateau. Passing by numerous small villages built on the slopes of Selena mountain on the way up, try to soak the dense mountain environment. Arriving at the beautiful Lasithi plateau (840 m), you could easily do a circular ride (20 km) through the villages, and take a coffee brake at one of the numerous kafenìa. Descent from the north side of the plateau, facing the Aegean Sea, to the sea-side town of Malia and the Minoan Palace ruins nearby. A stop for a sweet and refreshing “soumàda”, made from almond-milk, is irresistible in Neapoli. Refuel with some real food at Nikithianos or Limnes villages. From there spin relaxed down to Agios Nikolaos, a bit tired but so content.

Distance: 95 km | Elevation: 2690 m

Panorama Of Two Seas


The scenic low-traffic coastal road to Kalo Horio is the start of this magnificent ride. When you get there, take a right turn away from the sea and ascent a beautiful road, immersed in the unspoiled cretan landscape. Pass by several traditional villages, Prina, Kalamafka, Anatoli, and finally Males. Enjoy the view of the Mirabello Gulf to the north, the Libyan Sea to the south, Thripti mountains to the east, and near Males the peaks of Dikti mountain. From Males, return by the same road to Prina, then take the road to Kroustas village, passing through a pine forest, and small vineyard plains. From Kroustas ride downhill, passing through the traditional village of Kritsa and the ancient Lato, on your way to Lakonia plain and villages, just 5 km from Agios Nikolaos.

Distance: 83 km | Elevation: 2900 m

The Local Experience

Low-Traffic Road Network

In eastern Crete you will find a very low-traffic road network, covering all the countryside. Just avoid the main highway, and you will stay out of traffic. Ride quietly in nature and enjoy undisturbed the unique landscape.

Eat & Drink

Discover the friendly small coffee-shops “kafenìa”, in many small villages. Take a break and refresh with water, soft drinks, or “greek coffee”. Refuel with a simple, yet full meal: omelet, meat on the grill, fried potatoes, herb salad, cheese, or some other local delicious specialty. Kafenìa also serve raki and wine

Local Products

Various species of fruits, nuts, and vegetables of excellent quality and super tasty, are produced in every season in Crete. Local fish is available in restaurants, as well as excellent quality of lamb and goat meat. Try the local small farmers production of yogurt and cheese. Snails are considered a local deli. Try them either with rosemary, “boubouristì”, or cooked with tomato and “hòndros”, broken wheat grains. Superior quality raisins, thyme honey and even olive oil can be found in convenient packages to take back home.

Eastern Crete Mild Mediterranean Climate

Weather is mostly dry all-year round. A perfect place for cycling: not so-cold during winter, and not so-hot during summer, with exceptionally low humidity. In summer, a cooling north wind the so called “meltèmi”, prevents extremely high temperatures. In winter, starting mid-December, although good weather is not guaranteed, temperatures up to 20 C are quite common even during the coldest months. Excellent climate conditions for cycling exist particularly during September till December, and March till June (temperature range: 17-25 C).


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